Sewing Room Switcheroo

We wanted to give my daughter her own room and give me more room to spread out my sewing projects so thus began the great room switcheroo! My daughter was using the 'playroom' as her bedroom and a girl just needs her privacy (and accountability for the mess in her room). So we have moved her into the back room of the house that served as my sewing room and the house utility room. Her new room still needs a lot of work to divide it from the utility area and make it nice, but at least it is her own space---except for all the sewing stuff I haven't moved yet.

But my sewing space moved into the 'playroom'. Yep, in where the kids play. But there's room for me to spread out when the kids aren't in there. Step one: This closet under the stairs that just didn't work too well got opened up.See hubby work to make up for quitting his new job that we desperately needed.... (Long story-- suffice it to say he didn't like it, couldn't stand it one minute more, and I trust his judgement though I am a bit peeved.) The wall got ripped out and the countertop that my sewing machine fits into was relocated. (Sorry it's sideways. I didn't notice until after I loaded it) Bead board was put on the ceiling and I painted it white. Hubby installed lights, trim, and electrical outlets. He had trouble figuring out the angles on that sloped side for the trim, so I helped him by treating it like a mitered border on a quilt, using a paper template. I think he was impressed.

The room wall still needs painted white as I'm not fond of the lavender we used for my daughter.

See that corner of a table on the left? It's against a wall, but when I'm sewing I can pull it out into the room for a cutting and ironing station. I will also get a design wall put up on that wall after we paint.

Doesn't it look so nice and tidy? That's because I have yet to figure out where to put all of my fabric! So far the only downside to this set up has been the increased need to teach the 2yo not to mess with Mommy's sewing machines. He loves the buttons and the 6600's tension knob.

More pictures to come.....

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