Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I signed up for SewCalGal's Free Motion Quilting Challenge and have totally spaced out on the first month's linky.

Mainly because I've been working on this below, still..... And because my camera that was a Christmas gift is not working properly, so I had to pull out the old one and take new pictures. At night. Yuck.

So I did not pull out a practice piece. Instead I worked a few sections on my Poured Out quilt with January's motif.

But I didn't care for the random leafy thing, so I stitched a main stem in this bit below and added the leaves a bit like a feather or what looks like the way these leaves might grow on a vine.

This I like much better. I'm excited to see some big names on the list of experts for the challenge and hope to do a better job on next month's challenge and post.

I hope you've been giving FMQ'ing a whirl too! It's fun, but takes practice! Check out SewCalGal's site for more FMQ goodness.


  1. I like your main stem idea. My leaves went on an apple tree so I went with the random leafy thing *grins*.

    Susan in Texas

  2. I like the vine thing also. I am adding it to my variable feather ideas. Great looking leafs and quilt.

  3. I love your idea of leaves on a vine...gorgeous quilting!
    Love the piece you're quilting too!