Time and Space

Time and space are against me. There are so many ideas and I just can't get them done! Some just don't fit in my life; some literally won't fit in my sewing room.

I've got a work in progress that's coming along well; actually, I'm kinda blown away by it. So it really is going well. But it doesn't fit on my design wall. I've got to draft out the final portion of this quilt and it's hard to get it all done with my space limitations. I think from here on out, I'll make sure nothing I'm working on exceeds about 55" square. That's my space limitations and it will just be easier to work within that; though when the local quilt shop opens, I should be able to spread my work there if necessary.

I've been reading some quilty, arty, creativity books lately and they encourage me to find the space and time for my 'work', my creative expression. The art speak makes me a bit nervous, but I'm loving what little I am getting to do.

I hope you are getting to work your creative outlet too!

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