Sacred Threads

I'm back from my trip to see the Sacred Threads exhibit near Washington DC. It was my first real quilt show, but I think it was fabulous! This is a show with a spiritual theme and the works are not judged per se, but rather limited only by suitability of theme and space constraints. Some of the works were mind-blowing beautiful, all were meaningful to their maker, and many really 'spoke' to me, and some I didn't care for or maybe just didn't 'get'.

I really couldn't look at the quilts that were in the grief category nor quite a few in the healing group, as my recent acceleration of creativity in quilting has been fueled by my husband's fight with cancer last year and I'm just too emotionally raw. I looked at a few and read the artist statements and began to get all choked up---it was difficult to maintain my composure after that.

We went on the day of the artists' reception so there were a whole bunch of the artists there, but since they were enjoying looking at everyone's work also, it was impossible for me to match artists to their work. I missed a great opportunity I'm sure by not talking with them, but I'm a social chicken and my line of "Could you tell me about your piece?" just didn't seem right if I had no idea of which person made which piece. A fine time for my shyness to take over. Sigh...

One of the committee members did chat me up as I was leaving and encouraged me to join SAQA to meet up with some like-minded quilty folks. She was incredibly nice, and even complimented me on my new bag which I made last week. I'll post pics of my bag soon; I love it!

Today I think I'll get to attend the local quilting group. It's been a few months since I've been able to go.

Gotta sew,

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