Mettler Polysheen

I really like to quilt with the shiny polyester threads. I think most of these are called trilobal polyester.

I have been buying plenty of beautiful threads from Superior Threads, but it's much more appealing to buy threads in person. There are two places in my nearby big city (30 min. drive) that sell Mettler brand thread. So far I am not a fan of their cotton quilting thread, but the Polysheen is nice stuff.

It comes in a ton of colors, solids mostly, but there are plenty of varigated colors too. It's the perfect thickness for background fills but not too tiny for other work.

The only problem so far is the small spool size it usually comes in; 220 yds. If you wind three full bobbins, you will come to the end of the spool after stitching maybe 12 inches. Good thing I have another spool in the same color! My husband has given me the directive to buy at least 3 spools of the same color when I buy it. One store does carry it in the 875 yd. spools.

I need to sit down and do a price comparison of all the threads I like sometime.

Off to stitch!

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