Painting a Quilt

I am painting a quilt today and it is looking great! I am using colored pencils and textile medium. So far my only complaint is that the surface ends up pretty stiff, though this is going to go on the wall, so it's not a big issue. I was going to just make a little sample piece to try this on but I got carried away. I was intending on washing this piece to see how the color holds up, but now I'm afraid to! Pictures to come later today, I hope.


  1. Wash it. I did and found some places I hadn't painted with textile Medium. Still a bit stiff, but gives a great effect. Try Derwent Inktense pencils even better.


  2. Thanks Lyn. Actually I am already using the Inktense pencils and I was so glad to see them mentioned on the web for this because I already had a set of 12 that I had bought by accident a long time ago!

    After you commented, I made a smaller, simpler piece just for test washing purposes. I'll post on that real soon.