Cancer Quilt

Finally done! Just in time for another appointment at the cancer center where I'll be donating this.

Below is the back of the quilt I did for the cancer center where my husband has been getting his treatments. My neighbor insists that this is the better side because you can see the stitching better. In a way, she is right. I learn something from every quilt I make and this one taught me to make sure my stitching will show if it is the star of the quilt.

Once you get far away from the quilt, the stitching blends right in. Where this quilt will be hung though, I think it will be fine. I find that following the designs has a meditative quality. Maybe it will soothe someone at the cancer center.
Doesn't this old shed at the back of our property make a great background for a quilt? I'm sure to get a few bug bites from this photo shoot though!

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