Roses and Arrows Quilt Along: Piece the Top

Let's make the Roses and Arrows QAL top.

Before we can quilt along (grammar-nazis, please weight in: Is it quilt-along, quilt along, what?), we need to have a top to quilt on. If you haven't gotten your Roses and Arrows Kit yet, click on over to and get it ordered. We're getting low on the white print for the border so don't delay. We've got the blue version of the roses print as well, and will likely substitute a few other fabrics for the border before we are done. I'll be using an alternative choice for my borders for better visibility in my live videos.
Remember to fussy cut those beautiful rose borders! (Do as I say, not as I did.)

This is a very basic top and measurements are given based on the panel size that I used. Panels can be tricky with measurements depending on how they are printed, so make sure to check how your panel measures up. You may need to trim up the length of your strips if you have pre-washed.

If I had my way, panels would be printed so they are at least 2 inches shorter than the actual width of fabric (WOF). Then we could easily add that first inner border without piecing. As it is, you might be able to, but if you pre-wash your fabrics, I just can't guarantee it, so we'll start off with piecing the narrow inner border. I'm a risk taker on my own projects, but like to play it safe when giving instructions.

Basically, we are putting a one inch inner border followed by a six inch (finished) border.

Illustration does not show bias join of inner border.

The Roses and Arrows panel has a dark red printed border. From the inner edge of this border, measure into it 1/4 inch and cut all the way around it. The remaining red is your seam allowance for attaching our one inch red grunge border. Like a scant 1/4"? Trim accordingly. I trim to 1/4" and make sure to stitch my red strips on with the panel side up and sew right along the printed edge.

From the red, cut five 1-1/2" x WOF strips. 

Three of them are used for the long sides. If you cut carefully, you can get away with using the remainder of the third strip for one of your shorter strips, but I've given you plenty in the kit.

Join three strips end to end at a 45 degree angle, like making binding. From this long strip, cut:

2 strips, 1-1/2" x 43-1/2 for sides

from the remaining red strips, cut:

2 strips 1-1/2" x 26-1/4" for top and bottom

In the kit I am including plenty of fabric so that the borders can be cut lengthwise and so that you can fussy cut to make the best use out of the print (especially for the roses print).

Paying attention to the print placement, cut from the outer border fabric:

2 strips, 6-1/2" x 45-1/2"
2 strips, 6-1/2 x 38-1/4"

Using the diagram below, assemble top. Press seams toward the red fabric.

Illustration does not show bias join of inner border

Press top nice and flat. Layer with batting and backing (Backing kit) and baste well. I pin baste. Use what works for you.

I'll see you on January 16th (7pm Eastern time) for our first official video which will include a segment about piecing those inner borders if you are unsure.

Remember I'll be doing both regular free motion quilting and ruler work with my new Low Curve rulers. I'll be using the #12 and the Mini. You may substitute the QP #12 and the QP BFF as they are the same sized curves. This project can be adapted for other rulers, but I love these.


  1. Wouldn't that be heavenly? My husband doesn't cook, but he does help me since he retired and I so appreciate it.

  2. Hi
    I'd like to order the set of curved rulers but it doesn't look like you ship to Canada?

    1. I'm sorry, but due to new tax regulations in Canada for online sales came into effect, we had to decide to not shop to Canada. It's too expensive for a little operation like ours to keep on top of requirements, and if rather be safe than sorry.