Leah Day and Amy Chat on Hello My Quilting Friends

I cannot believe I never posted that I was a guest on Leah Day's podcast recently! I shared it on Facebook and then totally dropped the ball.

Hopefully you've been catching these very interesting episodes hosted by Leah as she interviews people from the quilting industry and beyond. The show pulls back the curtain a bit into the business side of the quilting industry and she decided to interview me about running a "brick and click" business. Brick and click means a business that has a store front as well as an online component.

Actually, she wanted to see how I balance life and work between the two businesses.....insert hysterical laughter here.........and I am not the person to talk about balance! It's a constant juggling act with balls getting dropped from time to time. I liken it to standing on a teeter totter. Ideally, you're in the middle, keeping both ends balanced. More likely, it's a dance from one side to another, a constant wiggling back and forth. It's a pretty wild and amazing ride and I think Leah did an excellent job of asking the right questions to bring out my story.

You can listen here: Hello my Quilting Friends with Leah Day, episode 26


  1. Hi, Amy, I did hear your interview with Leah. Both you and Leah have been very instrumental in my learning to FMQ. As a result, I was so excited about the interview so that I could find out what both of you are up to these days. I do keep track. I have both you classes and have watched you many times on YouTube. Now I go looking for you (and Leah) just to rewatch. I'm always able to pick up something new each time I watch. I love the picture of you that Leah used for the interview. You are both beautiful women. Thanks so much for all you have done to move me forward in this endeavor that I love so much! Dianne