Shop Hoppin' in Denver

While I was in Denver and waiting for my rescheduled flight, my Mom came up and spent the day with me. We decided to do a little shopping and walking. Mom's passionate about walking at least 2 miles a day so when we looked up Fabric Bliss and saw it was 1.1 miles from the hotel, we had a destination.

First we had to sneak by this big guy! Good thing he was preoccupied with the interior of the performance center.

Once we made it down to Fabric Bliss, we were happy to find it was an adorable, bright little shop. I bought just 2 fabrics and some yarn, including some yarn for my crochet nut of a daughter. Can't wait for another Craftsy instructors class to come out which is on reading and following a crochet pattern, because the child needs to learn to make a 'something' instead of her current artfully done tangles.

Once we got back to the hotel, we took Mom's car to Fancy Tiger Crafts. I follow them in my Instagram feed, so I was certain I'd find a great shop and I was not disappointed. I wish we had more time to poke around the neighborhood as it looked like there were some fabulous shops in the area.

Check out their ceiling fan! It's an enormous wind mill. I think it's amazing. The whole shop is a feast for the eyes.

It's fabrics along one half of the huge store and yarn and other fiber crafts down the other. There were quilting cottons, chambray, double gauze, denin, wool and more. A little more focus on sewing and garments but absolutely fabulous. There were solids, Liberty prints, Cotton+Steel, Tula Pink, and I'm pretty sure it's good for my wallet that I don't live nearby. Everything wanted to come home with me.

Even my mom, a non-sewer (ain't it a shame?) found the shop full of interesting items. That's her in red below, looking at all the crafty goodness.

They even had spinning wheels, roving, and adorable needle felting kits. Look at these cute projects below.

I was the absolute image of restraint. I purchased just this small-ish pile of chambray and yarn-dyed/shot cotton. I foresee an applique quilt in my future. Though I really don't want to start anything new until I finish up my projects from my Craftsy class.

I'm so excited for this new class to go live. This time, I'm keeping the focus on designing a quilting plan with the rulers you may already have and keeping the rulers I use very basic. Instead of plain fabric samples, I'm stitching on actual quilt projects this time so you get a better feel for how to manipulate the fabric and rulers under the machine. It will be available later this month and I'll be running a giveaway prior to the launch.


  1. Hey I recognize that blue guy! I'll be in Denver next week. Not for craftsy sadly... I have one of these stores on my list if I can squeeze it in. My hotel sounds like it is in a similar area where you stayed.

  2. Wow!!!! That blue bear is definitely an "eye-catcher"!!!!! Love the shops and I totally admire your "restraint"......LOL!!!!

  3. glad you and your mum had a wonderful time....i want one of those windmill fans!!! that is childhood memories from out bush....aussie bush that is!!

  4. Love the big blue bear. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I plan to be in Denver soon. Must remember to bring a large bag for the trip home.