Ruler Work Rocks- A Link Party

Today's the day our blog party goes live, so whether you use rulers to quilt on a sewing machine or sit down long arm, now's the time to share how you've been rocking the rulers and guiding your free motion quilting for the straightest of lines and smoothest curves.

ruler work rocks

I finished up my Celtic knot inspired flower and I really had fun playing with a few rulers that I hadn't quilted with before now. Sometimes you've got to decide a piece is strictly for play and try something new.

celtic flower motif using rulers

The purpose of this link party is to share what others have been quilting with rulers, tips that they find helpful, and in general to let people know that ruler work on a stationary machine is actually easier than it seems once you actually give it a try.

Rulers/templates shown: ^" Celtic Knot, QPC #8, 2" Simple Circle,  Fan ruler (for marking), and Circles on Quilts template.

I know there are some very creative quilters out there using this technique and we want to encourage you to try it too! If you are a blogger, link up at the end of the post and I encourage everyone to visit the participating bloggers and take a peek and leave a comment.

Today has a second reason to be worthy of a party. Craftsy has launched 7 new classes which brings their total up to 1000 classes. That's a party worthy milestone I think. To celebrate, they're having another sale with 50% off their most wish-listed classes. Looks like my class is on a lot of Craftsy wish lists, because it's being offered at 50% off as well! I've started offering a link here that offers my readers 50% off now, but I'm excited that enough people wish-listed it for it to be included in the sale. There are some really great classes also in the sale, use my Instructor Link to get the best price and put a little jingle in my pocket.

Now to visit our part participants. Use the linky below to link up your blog post. Please make sure to include a link back to here somewhere in your post or on your site. (You can use the button code in my left sidebar if you wish, even if this is Tuesday.) Then let's go a visitin'!


  1. Dangit - this means I actually have to WRITE a post or twenty about what I've been doing. :D

  2. I love how your design came out and owe my falling in love with ruler work to you! I linked up to your post in my blog post today as well:

    1. Patsy, did you use the linky tool above? Your post didn't show up.

    2. Sorry, I was in a hurry and put a url link at first, but I just went back and I think I did it the correct way!

  3. I just looked through my blog posts to find the table runner I started to quilt with rulers, and gosh, it was back in October! I better pull that WIP out and finish it up!

  4. So many possibilities with ruler work! I have been doing alot of practice and finding it easier every time. Think having basics helps, supreme slider, gloves, right tension and needle for thread and machine also important. Alot for a new free motion quilter to deal with but persevere!

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