Quilting with Rulers: The Sampler Continues

I'm still plugging away on my ruler work sampler. Yes....still. Sometimes I love it, other times I'm sick of it, so I go in tiny bits at a time. I'm working on the large setting triangles along the sides. I wanted to make the main ruler work lines in these two triangles the same, but didn't plan both at the same time or record measurements for the first one. So I had to transfer the markings from one to the other.

Using the ruler and post it notes worked great!

All I had to do was line the ruler up with the point and edge and transfer the marks. Probably not perfectly accurate, but close enough for me.

In the pic below, can you spot the problem I had? Don't scroll right past, try to figure it out.

Answer? I failed to account for the binding as I started this feather. I can't believe I forgot this!

Then I found I was having trouble moving my quilt. Rookie mistake again. Instead of puddling the quilt in a series of peaks and valleys, I had tossed the quilt up upon itself and was sliding, or trying to slide the whole thing.

Below is a pic of the quilt positioned much better. The peaks and valleys act as a hinge, allowing the part of the quilt I'm working on to move, but keeping the bulk fairly stationary which means moving less weight.

 Here's the first triangle. I still need to work on my Laverne L's when they need to turn. The big pebbles/circles turned out nicely.

The second triangle was done with the same ruler work, but the fills between were much more swirly and feathered too.

 Doing the whole quilt as a sampler has been a lot of fun as I choose different designs and rulers.

There's still time to link up in the ruler work link party! Don't be a party pooper. Share and visit.

Tomorrow starts a new Craftsy promotion and I'm pretty excited about it. It's something totally different for National Craft Month which will impact a good cause. Come back and here all about it.


  1. I was planning to link- then I dumped a whole thermos of tea on the laptop with photos and video not yet uploaded anywhere else. Still letting it dry. The sampler is looking good!

  2. Love to see your quilting posts. Very inspiring. Great jpb, beautiful quilt.

  3. I can't tell you how many times I quilted too close to the edge.... Also, YES Laverne L's ( ;) ) are a pain to get right around corners.

    Shoot, I should write about how I did a modified L in a square in a square block..

  4. I have been following your sampler since the beginning...very inspiring work indeed!

  5. My favorite part of this sampler so far is that triangle block, especially the designs in that last photo...yummy!