Monday, November 9, 2015

Quilting with Rulers: Loopy Fill in Diamond Sashing

Chipping away at the work to be done on my ruler work sampler quilt. This quilt is set on point with blank white blocks in between the pieced blocks which I have stitched a faux sashing around. I'm going back around the diamods of this area and using a loopy L fill to make the diamonds pop and to give the white a little turquoise color.

quilting with rulers loopy fill

 I draw a line from the triangle point to the opposite center of the triangle base. This serves two functions:

  • The marked line helps me keep those L's (actually lower case l's) straight. I don't want italic L's! LOL
  • In the corners, the triangles are subdivided (from stitching the faux-sashing) and stitched at a 45 degree angle. The marking helps me get the angle right and more importantly for me, keeps me from accidentally stitching those triangles in the same manner as the other triangles. 

free motion quilting with rulers

When I get into the 'flow' of quilting, I can miss that the design needs to change until I get to the center and see the stitched line that is already down the center. The marking helps with this. Most of the time anyway....


  1. I love doing this design in boarders. I love the little puffy square/diamonds it creates.

    1. Yes, it's a great design for borders and sashing. Easy and great texture.

  2. You are just so creative! I am just in awe of your talent. Beautiful work, and I really like the thread color choice on the white.

    1. Thank you. There's probably more credit due to the practice I've done than talent, which means you can do it too!