Free Motion Quilting: Whirly Star

I'm still plugging away at my ruler work sampler quilt. I'm pleased to have finished this block, let's call it a 4 point whirly star. I'm open to other names- leave a comment if you've got a better one. It was made by marking a square in the center of the block and quilting from the corners of the block to the corners of the inner marked square.

I echoed the lines of the star, but brought the lines to the corners for continuous stitching. Note the lines marked faintly at those inner points, they help me turn the ruler at the right point. I free hand drew the pebbles before I stitched them. Marking was needed to help keep it uniform on all four sides.

Then I did a paisley fill. I LOVE the texture of this block! I need to take a break from this project and finally make a baby quilt for my adorable niece. I'm headed to Tennessee to meet her this weekend. Poor baby probably won't have a finished quilt when I get there, but I'm going to try!

I'm excited to finally work on her quilt! I've had the fabric for a few months now and it's beyond time to get it made.

Anybody notice that I'm not too good with finishing? Even if it is my 'word of the year'? Maybe it will be my word of the decade!


  1. Wow your work is wonderful! I wish I could quilt like that. Yes finishing up I find to be the hardest thing, I get the top all finished then procrastinate on quilting it, for me think it is because only have a domestic sewing machine and dreading the thoughts of trying to fit a large quilt through the machine.

  2. What about Ninja Pearls? I have a baby quilt of solid fabrics pinned. I want to try your techniques - as soon as I finish your Craftsy video. Which needs some quiet time.
    Enjoy time with your niece.

  3. Beautiful! Alt name: champagne stars - looks like bubbles to me!