Free Motion Monday: August, Week 2

This post could also be called Free Motion Monday Mish-Mash. But enough alliteration......

This month I am taking a break from featuring a specific design, but I encourage you to link up a post from your own free motion quilting adventures.

I have quilted nothing all week! But I have gotten my kids ready to start school. They've been homeschooled so far and now they are off to the local elementary school for 3rd and 4th grades. Today is their first day, so I nervously await their return in less than 3 hours. I haven't shed a tear so far today, but it's been hard to let them go.

 But my goal is to get more quilting done along with some other side jobs. (Not to mention keep the 4yo out of trouble and do some preschool activities with him.) Today I prioritized several projects and gave myself some deadlines. One of which is some quilting for one of my blog readers! More on that in another post.

I had to do some hemming of the new school clothes for my rather short and stocky kids. Have you hemmed jeans with this technique? Works great and preserves the original hem. Once the pants are on a wiggly child, no one notices the seam. I didn't trim the excess since I imagine these kids of mine will need the hem lowered in a few months. I used the blind stitch to sew the folded fabric up inside the pants leg so they don't snag their toes on it or end up with the fold peeking out from under the hem.

My Janome 6600P doesn't have a free arm so I got out my smaller machine, a Janome 3160.

So dirty! We won't tell John at Sew Simple (where I work part-time) who does the service and cleaning about this! Cleaned it all up with a scrap of batting. (Batting scraps are great dusters. You can even use a big piece on a Swiffer mop.)

I set up a folding table in my sewing room for it and plan to keep it out for my daughter to use. Unfortunately, that means there's not enough room for my recliner now. It's just as well, as the chair had become a dumping ground for assorted projects, material, and such. (What the Fly Lady would call a clutter hot spot!)

So there's my less-than-exciting news for today. If you've been doing some free motion quilting, link it up and share. Let's go a-visitin'!

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Now I'm off to have some homemade cookies ready when the kids get off the bus.


  1. Hello Amy!
    Great jeans fix! My jeans are always tooooo short, ha ha!
    As you may remember, I ordered the ruler toe but I have to wait about 3 weeks for it to arrive. In the meanwhile I will be working on my feathers. They are getting better and better, Yay!!!

    1. Three weeks!? An eternity! But feathers are a great way to pass the time!

  2. Hi Amy!
    Yep!! I've been using that method of taking up jeans for about 5yrs, and I won't do it any other way! So quick, and really neat!
    By the way, I really love your blog!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on the big school days! They will do wonderful and you will too. :)

    1. So glad to have my happy girl run off the bus with a huge smile! Boy wasn't quite as happy, but he'll adapt. The little guy and I had a good day too.

  4. I'm a big fan of that hem trick. I don't use it on pants nearly as much as I use it on curtains! I'm counting the days until school starts (5 days!).