Another Great Craftsy Sale!

Craftsy is doing another fabulous sale on their classes: up to 50% off! There are classes to interest everyone and anyone.

I've really enjoyed the classes I've taken, especially the Beginner Serging class since I started working one day a week at my local Janome dealership. Without it I would still be intimidated by those machines! I demo'd one a few weeks ago and felt so much more confidence! I ended up selling one too!

And it should be no surprise that since I love using ruler work on my quilts, I'm enjoying Kimmy Brunner's Online Quilting Class.

I have been incredibly busy lately (I hate whining about being busy.) so I am loving the speed feature on the tool bar of the videos. That's where you click on the "play" triangle. I'm not saying any of these videos are slow, but if you've ever found yourself saying, "Get to the point already, I need to stitch!" you can speed it up at 1.5x and still understand what the instructor is saying. I admit it's a bit funny!

Kimmy's class makes me want to get more rulers and templates! And she's got some great marking tips too!

There are also some great free classes on Craftsy too! These are great if you haven't tried a class before and you want to see the quality. Speaking of quality, if they play jerky for you, you can adjust the resolution of the videos so they play smoothly. This is affected by the speed of your connection, or in my case by whether the kids are watching streaming video from Netflix while I'm watching my class!

 I think I'll buy another class during this sale as it's a great one and the classes are awesome! How about you?

**yes, these are affiliate links and I get a tiny commission if you click and buy through them.


  1. Oh, I love Craftsy classes but did not know about the speed it up button! Thanks!!

    1. Speeding it up ads just a little giggle to my heart as I watch my classes!