Virtual Quilter

Actually, I'm a sick and distracted quilter who has been spending too much time on the internet! But look what I did! I'm learning an Illustrator-like program called Inkscape. I'm feeling very aware of how much there is to learn when it comes to computers, computer graphics, design and writing. Somehow that's dangerously close to feeling stupid! But I'm learning all kinds of new stuff so I've got to be doing something right, somehow.

If my brain can figure out how to do this, why can't it remember to buy toilet paper?

There's just not enough quilty goodness going on this week. I've got a cold and there's a ton of yard work to be done. I'm itching to stitch!!!!


  1. Because drawing is so much more fun than toilet paper! Looks like fun, good for you. :)

  2. anything by shopping, in my mind, and stitching definitely tops the list. Feel better soon!