Free Motion Quilting on the Web

I thought I'd share some of my favorite quilty places today. Maybe I'll make it a regular feature.

Fabulous free motion quilter blogs:

Cindy Needham
Diane Gaudynski
Leah Day's 365 Free Motion Project
This next one is an adventure for sure-   If you want to read it, you'll need to use Google Translate or an equivalent tool and have a willingness to still puzzle out some of it, as it is written in Slovanian. But the work is fabulous!
Margaret Gunn- She's a long arm gal, but her work is incredible and she's showing off some of her award winning quilts.
Geta's Quilting Studio- Shadow Trapunto Queen

The next two blogs are of very talented and creative women who have recently popped in here a time or two.
The Quilt Rat   No mere rodent, and she does amazing doodles, some of which are now Janome embroidery designs.      
Nina-Marie A very artistic quilter and fellow Sacred Threads entrant.

And in other news, this part of Virginia has been getting enough rain to make me feel better about the junked boat in my backyard. It's rained enough that my hubby got off early from work and I went AWL (absent with leave!) for a few hours and visited a semi-local quilt shop and played with their new machine for about an hour and a half. I have been sworn to secrecy for the time being and will tell you about it first thing next month!

I am still working on my tree quilt for a wedding gift and it's looking great! I'm afraid I will have to re-mark some lines since it's been so damp and I used the purple air-eraseable pen.

And tonight I had a fun time meeting with some other quilters in the area. So nice to get away and do something other than take care of the kiddos. I love them of course, but sometimes I've got to have that 'Me Time' or I start running on empty.


  1. I love the guravlik site....but can't figure out how to use goodgle translate....I didn't see an icon or any tool to use

  2. ...never mind....I figured it out....thanks for pointing us to this amazing site....

  3. i started following you on utube because i like the way u explain things, i bought a janome 6300 this year and i am looking for a ruler foot to use with it, i got a wonderful package with it but no ruler foot. can u help me ? i am new at all of this just been making tops not putting them all together yet. thanks a bunch