Pics and Rips

I am talking pictures and ripping stitches out, rip it, rip it: frog stitch.

First I noticed that in the pictures yesterday, there were several areas of need on those projects. Don't worry, that's not the ripping I'm doing. Rather, I think that taking pictures of works in progress might be an excellent way to notice areas of design or stitching that need attention. Much better to notice them early on then after you've finishe the quilt.

And then the ripping. Actually this is good ripping if there can be such a thing. As my free motion stitching improves, I find I am ripping more. Yep, not a typo. More! That's because initially I was just working on practice pieces and there seemed to be way to many bad areas of stitching than I could stand re-doing.

Now that I am improving little bit by little bit, if I make a mistake, I want to fix it. Especially like in areas where the stitching is OK, but the pattern is out of proportion to other areas. This is especially true in the plumes on my feather border on my current quilt. I am not very consistent yet with plume size and shape.

I also saw some coments by very talented longarm quilters in which they talked about ripping out entire areas of quilts they are working on including Karen McTavish and Irena Bluhm. Makes me realize the ripping is just part of the stitching!


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