I am so Excited!

First of all, today is the last day of chemotherapy for my wonderful husband. He's done very well with it, but we're both glad to have it done.

And on Saturady I am going on my very first ever sewing get away!!!!! Squeal!!!! I'm not getting away too far, just to Quilted Expressions in Lynchburg, our closest big (biggish) city. They're opening their classroom for up to 12 quilters and providing 3 meals and snacks from 7am to 10 pm for $50. No dishes, laundry, or kids. Just sewing away- heaven for a day.

Now I just need to figure out what stuff to take and how to haul it.

I'm hoping to finish the wall hanging that I'm donating to the cancer center. I'll save the binding for doing at my neighbor's house. I like to go to her house for the hand-stitching of the binding and talk with her while I do it. She's a wonderful lady, having helped us with some financial needs during Eric's treatments. She thought the sewing get away was such a good idea that she gave me a little spending money for the day. She is so encouraging of my quilting. I am still in that "aw, shucks, if I can do it anybody can" stage.

I got an order from Superior Threads yesterday with some Brytes thread, which I am planning on using Saturday. Several of them are very bright and I'm going to thread sketch/FMQ with them on a black fronted, white backed sandwich. I think it's going to be so fun! I sure hope QE has some 100/16 needles, since that is what is recommended for this thread.

Have you done any retreats or such? What are your favorite things to take?

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