What I've been working on

I finished my sister's birthday quilt, but didn't get a pic. She said she loved it! My mother's Oodle of Doodles quilt? Done and definitely not appreciated. (no pic) I guess if you are a nurse turning sixty, the gift of a lap quilt is translated into a lap robe--which means you are getting ready for the nursing home. Sigh....

A quilted pillow for a friend of mine with a recent loss of her husband. Done but not mailed. I love this one. I told my hubby that this one makes me want to acknowledge maybe I have a gift or talent for this or something.

Another pillow top or wall hanging (below)I'm working on. Just a few more details in black then I'll fill in the background with white quilting. Forgive the stray black threads.

I love doing these! It's mostly about the quilting. Fun! Both were done with nearly no marking, just a few stem lines to keep things smooth. I did mark the word 'peace' and the outline of the heart on the cream pillow. I like the freedom of making it up as I go.

I also did a few quick little wall hangings for Valentine's, but again, no pics. Just some pink hearts appliqued on white and then a loopy heart meander around.

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