Quilt Scandal

The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival was held out near Virginia Beach and I had planned to combine it with a trip to the beach and aquarium, but the plans fell through.

Imagine my surprise to see a news story about scandal at the show! Apparently on of the Art quilts depicted a somewhat abstract naked pregnant woman who was sitting cross-legged with her girly parts showing (that's the term we use here in this house of preschoolers). Bet that's the first time a censor bubble was used on a quilt on TV.

Here's a link to a story on the quilt. (With the censor bubble) The comments on the story are pretty interesting. Since I might have taken my kids to the show, I have an opinion I'll share here. It's supposedly art and I wouldn't call it pornographic, though it's not to my taste and I don't think the girly parts add anything to the artist's 'message' about homelessness, nor are they necessary. It certainly got the quilt more...umm... exposure! I would have hoped that a quilt that might be considered too graphic might have been hung with a pedestal or something to keep the parts out of the direct line of sight, giving a moment to take in the quilt before your eyes are smacked with a va...girly part. Not an outright cover up, just a way to be warned and a moment to turn away if it is something one would be offended by---especially a moment to guide one's children out of sight. Who would think a quilt show would expose kids to something too adult?

Then again, I'd like a warning before girls in hip hugger pants bend over.

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