Non-skid Ruler Treatment

I read about this trick for making your rotary rulers non skid in an email newsletter, the origin of which I can't remember. So keep in mind this is not my idea, I just tried it out! And it works fabulously! A little clear nail polish at the corners with some salt sprinkled in before it dries, and viola! A non-skid ruler without any extra expense! Nevermind that the nail polish is nearly a decade old....I digress. The only draw back? I had gotten so used to my slippery rulers that I now have to make a mental effort to not slide the ruler accross the fabric too much when repositioning.And below is another trick I've been using, post-it notes to mark my measurements on the ruler. Because it's really easy to make a mistake with all those lines. And those Christmas presents I was working on? Some of them are now birthday presents.

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