Child's Sewing Machine

This is my little daughter, age 4, on Christmas day with her favorite gift: a Singer chainstitch machine for kids. It was $14.99 at Michael's and it sews like it. Basically, it doesn't interlock all the stitches- skips stitches. But we took the thread out and she 'sews' by guiding the fabric under the needle, getting used to putting the presser foot down, using a foot pedal and moving the fabric.

If it weren't for the finger guard at the needle, I think she'd be better of with my sewing machine. But then we'd have to take turns with my machine and wouldn't be able to sew together, which she loves. I'm keeping my eye out for a thrift store machine!

See that pin basted quilt in the background? That's Leah's quilt that I was supposed to have finished before Christmas! But I boxed it up so she could unwrap it. It still needed some quilting and the binding but she was thrilled anyway.

If you're wondering about the bandaid on her finger, it wasn't from the needle. Chances are there's not even an actual break in the skin. She just loves bandaids for every boo-boo. Hello Kitty bandaids are her favorite, so maybe a Hello Kitty Janome is in her future. Maybe I could one day upgrade to the Horizon and she could have my current machine? HA!

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