Quilted Dream Big Dahlia Eye-Candy

In August, I traveled to Atlanta, GA for Janome Institute. This is the big conference for Janome dealers where we get to see new machines (Have you feasted your eyes in the Janome M7 yet? 13.5 inches to the right of the needle, perfect for free motion quilting!), new product, and learn more about the machines and business in general. We also get to check out various vendors as well.

While I was in a class on the Janome Artistic Quilt Maker Pro 18 (the longarm I now carry in the shop and am learning to use), I spied some fabulous Dream Big Dahlia panels hung up on display. I assume they were done on the long arm, but they were done with free hand free motion quilting, so I snapped some pics so I could share them with you.

 First a detail shot and then the full picture. While up close the loops over the center might seem like it obscures the detail of the panel, from a distance it's lovely!

Now, they didn't have any attributing artist info on them, but thye might have been done by Michael Smith, one of the Canadian Janome educators.

Sorry, no detail shot of this one above.

I really like the look of the variegated thread in the center of this one.

Now, the one below was really stunning with the striped fabric appliqued over some petals.

Finally I took this shot just because I loved the look of the quilting on this vinyl.

Now, here are some in progress shots of my panel from the Facebook quiltalong at AmyQuilts.

I hope you are following along on Facebook, and if not, please be patient as I eventually will share the videos here.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Very pretty Amy. I enjoyed the Dahlias. I really love the way you did the center on yours.

  2. Oh my goodness! All that FMQ is absolutely stunning! Every piece looks so intricate and involved. And your work is stunning too. Good for you to be learning to longarm quilt. I tried it several times, and it's just not for me. You're sure making beautiful things. I hope your shop is keeping you well and happy.

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