Amy's Low Curve Rulers

Introducing Amy's Low Curve Rulers

I am so stinking excited to let you know about my new domestic sewing machine quilting rulers! For years, I have loved guiding my free motion quilting along the QP Curves and have been blessed to have a high shank machine that has plenty of room for these thick long arm rulers.

Amy's Low Curve Rulers, full set!

But plenty of my quilting students have low shank machines or an integrated walking foot that didn't give as much space around their ruler foot, especially around the back of the foot. This meant I had to recommend different rulers for them and those rulers had different markings and shapes. This made it harder for people to follow along and recreate my designs.

I'm not one to say "You must have this ruler to make this design," and I often list alternatives, but giving multiple options can be confusing when you are new to ruler work. My style of quilting is based on using basic shape rulers too, so it's fairly easy to adapt a design for a different sized basic curve most of the time, but again, it can be confusing as a beginner to have too many options.

So in collaboration with Linda Hrcka of the Quilted Pineapple, I now have my "Low Curve" rulers. Same shape, curve, and markings as her long arm rulers, the QP Curves, but in a thickness of 4mm, suitable for ALL domestic sewing machines, high or low shank.

With these gentle curves and the same curve on the concave and convex sides (Inner and outer curve), they will work even on the very small percentage of low shank machines that have very little clearance behind the foot as there's no need to wrap behind the foot.

They are smooth-sided, well marked and feel good in the hand. As a bonus, the thinner acrylic makes them more affordable than thicker rulers.

Low Curve Combo

Above is the Low Curve Combo Starter Set, which is what I will be using in my Roses and Arrows Quilt Along launching January 16th on my AmyQuilts Facebook page. Pair these two rulers with a straight ruler (I prefer the QP Edge #12, or the Westalee 12" Arc/Straight) and you've got the basis for a whole lot of designs!

Amy's Low Curve Classic Set
Since these rulers are made for domestic sewing machines, including low shank machines, and not all machines have the space to use the long #15 and #20, we also are selling these rulers as a "Classic Set" which includes all the curves except those two long ones.

The design possibilities have me so excited! It has been so frustrating over the years to answer someone with a low shank machine with "Well, you'll have to substitute a different ruler and it will be somewhat different than my design."  Plus the price of these rulers makes it more affordable to those using a domestic machine. Win-Win!

These are currently being sold as pre-order as they are a brand new product. So don't delay in getting your order in. I'll be placing my first order for the first batch next week.

Stay tuned for more quilting with rulers inspiration!


  1. Is there a link to the prices of these ruler sets?

  2. The link is at the top of the post. Though I'm glad you asked as I see a few other spots I should link.