Quilting with Rulers: Ruler Thickness Revisited

I was poking through some of my websites and videos recently and came across one of the videos I did just before ruler work really hit the mainstream of the quilting world.

I think this was shot with prototypes of the Westalee ruler foot and rulers, just as they were bringing them into the American market.

It's a bit rough and loooong....but does a good job at showing why I don't toe the line when it comes to what rulers work with a low shank sewing machine. This was done on a Janome 3160, a smaller Janome machine with a low shank. Thicker rulers are easier to hold while quilting, so I like to use them as much as possible.



  1. I found out I like using the thicker rulers too on my low shank machine, you put into words why I like them. Easier to hold, you’re right!

  2. I prefer the Westerlee ruler foot to the Janome - mainly because of the little groove that I can see better. My Janome is the old Memory Craft with a low shank so I have the flatter rulers - I do like them but it's an expensive thing to buy if you ever want to upgrade to the high shank versions. My only problem with both feet is that if I have them too low when I come to a bumpy seam (even when flattened into submission) I either get stuck or if I use the knee lifter to clear the machine yells at me that it's too high! LOL! Sometimes everything seems to go really smoothly but then I end up with the quilt bubbling up at the edge - any ideas how I can prevent that - even with tons of basting pins and stitching to prevent movement in between.
    Glad to see your posts again. I'd never have known about the ruler foot and the rulers if it hadn't been for your tutorials.

  3. Deb here from Pueblo. As you saw from the pictures your mother sent you, I am just getting started into ruler quilting. I always thought it would be too expensive for me to get into that method. Then I discovered that my nerd brother, with his computerized laser cutter can make the rulers for me! I bought a cheap ruler foot and soon replaced it with the Bernina foot because the needle did not come down in the center of the foot. Now I am rolling and hope your mother can send you something I might be proud of soon.