Ombre Triangles Continues

I nearly titled this post "Ombre Triangles Drags On..." but that would sound pretty awful, wouldn't it? Well, it feels pretty awful! The quilt isn't to blame and I'm not going to blame myself, but sometimes you just aren't feeling a project and you can either give up or slog through. I want to make like Elsa and "Let it go...."

Third times the charm. Finished this block up after stopping two other times about 3 inches away from being done.

But it still is fun to sit and come up with a new design with rulers to use on these triangles. I just haven't gotten enough time to get the flow of quilting going when I do get to stitch. Because when you get into the flow, it is wonderful.

I've been doing some painting in the shop and trying to improve my studio area of the shop so it works better for me.

Much like a quilter who uses the family dining room table for their sewing and quilting, the one the family actually uses, I am in total flux for my sewing area. At home my studio has reverted back to the family room and the remainder of my home studio is tucked into a small back room. At the shop....well, it's the shop.

I'm not complaining, mind you. It's been pretty incredibly wonderful! We've owned Sew Simple for over 9 months now, so maybe it's fitting that I feel like I've finished gestating the business and am nurturing this baby along.

Until next time.....quilt on!


  1. boy, do I feel your pain. However, I think this passion of yours is big enough for you to figure it out at some point, and find the time again. I don't know how far away the shop is from home- any chance you could sneak in either early before hours, or late after for a quilting date once or twice a week? Very cool ironing board cover, by the way!

  2. Yeah, I was drooling over that board cover. :) Love the designs on the doors, too! Fun quilting happening on Ombre Triangles - I can see why it would feel draggy after a while, with only blue to look at, but it's so pretty and will be wonderful to have finished.

  3. I'm a beginning sitdown long armer and I love the different designs you've used in your triangles. But I think perhaps you'd feel happier if you chose 2 or 3 of the more simple ones and just finished your quilt with those. I do love the quilt pattern and feel the colors will give you a guide perhaps. Hang in there. I also feel the love of that board cover. What a way to cheer up your room!

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