Bernina Ruler Foot

I was blessed to have a customer and free motion quilting student come into the shop last week so I could take a look at her Bernina and its new ruler foot. As a Janome dealer whose shop now sells fabric, I couldn't work up the nerve to visit my local Bernina dealership and quilt shop to ask about this new foot.

I should have her come in more often. As soon as she came in, we got very busy during a time when the shop is usually fairly slow. This meant we didn't have much time to actually stitch with it and I wish I had taken a little more time with her to reward her for letting me see this new #72 Bernina ruler foot.

I shot a quick video, but nothing of either of us stitching. It wasn't the best footage, so I'm going to pass on posting it.

I like it. For Bernina machines of course. I still love my Janome foot. This Bernina version comes the closest to the Janome foot than anything else on the market. The height is easily adjustible with a thubscrew and there's give to how it attaches to the machine like my Janome foot, which helps it glide over bulk better than a solidly attached foot.

It has a little cut out in front of the needle for visibility too. This foot hopped on the machine she brought in, so it needs to use 1/4 inch thick rulers. I don't know if it can be adjusted with machine settings like Patsy Thompson did with the Janome ruler foot she put on one of her Berninas so it won't hop. It isn't a clackity clack kind of hopping like the generic spring type free motion feet. I'm guessing some Bernina free motion feet might move like this as well. The hopping will help it move over bulky seams well.

My customer tells me that the foot is made so it won't crash into the needle clamp if you go down with the needle with the foot up. I admit, I am so used to making sure the foot is down, I never checked this out. It's a great feature.

As far as rulers go, Bernina is selling their own rulers now, but from what I've seen so far, they are regular long arm rulers that have been available for some time, but now these have the Bernina name on them. Again, this foot needs 1/4 inch thick rulers.

The new ruler foot works on newer machines only.

Here's what I got from a Bernina Ambassador:

The Adjustable Ruler foot #72 is compatible with our current line of machines; the 3 Series, 4 and 5 Series, and 7 and 8 Series. It is not compatible with previous generations of machines with four digits in the model number or earlier. This foot is separate from the BERNINA Stitch Regulator, and is not compatible with BSR. Please check in with your local BERNINA store to find out more about the Adjustable Ruler foot #72 and ruler sets, if the foot is compatible with your model BERNINA, price and availability.

For more information, check with your Bernina dealer as I am a Janome girl, through and through.

If your machine can use this new foot and you already have a different foot, should you switch? That is entirely up to you. If your budget allows, I'd say yes. The foot isn't cheap and if you had any of the other options out there, you likely have some thinner rulers that you can't safely use with this foot. 


  1. I got my foot a couple months ago and haven't used it yet. I need to get some rulers and since I'm going to Road 2 California quilt show in a couple weeks, I plan on getting a couple then. Thanks for your input on the foot.

  2. Thanks for the info...
    I, too, got my Bernina ruler foot about 2 months ago and got so busy with the Holidays that I've yet to use it! I also need to get some rulers...YIKES!!! I'm unsure what ones to buy...any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Kathy, choosing rulers can be daunting. It depends first on the shank type of your machine and the ruler foot you use, so you choose the right thickness for the right shape. Once you have that sorted, it's easier. The Bernina foot needs to use 6mm or 1/4 inch thick rulers, which are regular long arm rulers. I carry what I have found the most useful in my shop. It's online too:

  3. I'm getting a BERNINA ruler foot soon and I can't wait!

  4. I did try a few other ruler feet on my Bernina, but now I have the Bernina ruler foot and love it. It doesn't hop at all on my machine, and I am *so* happy with how easily it adjusts to different heights, depending on quilt thickness. I didn't get the Bernina rulers, since I already have a bit of a collection from other sources — my favorites are from Lisa Calle; these have lots of markings for easy alignment. That said, they aren't the only ones I have and like.

  5. I've had the Bernina ruler foot for a couple of months and love it. No hopping for me. Have used with the Westalee rulers and love the results. I definitely plan on getting more rulers.


  6. the janome FMQ foot is the greatest invention since sliced
    bread. No...maybe since the invention of fire But how do i adapt it to my old bernina. did Patsy Thompson grind down the special bernina attachment post?
    any info appreciated.

    1. Here I thought I was the only one who loved the Janome FMQ foot set this much! Check out Patsy's blog to see what she did specifically, but there's an adapter shank being used #77 (I think). I know some older model owners mentioned needing to file, but I don't think that's the case.

  7. I've been using mine for a few months now, and love it. I had the westalee feet, and like this one much more due to it's spring action. Mine does not hop while stitching, so I've been able to use my westalee rulers as well as other 1/4 in rulers.

  8. I have minimal hopping with my Bernina 350pe, so the Westalee rulers still work, and thick rulers do, too. Very happy with this foot.