Tunic Challenge Part 1

It's been a busy week so I decided to do a video post for the first week deadline of the Tunic Challenge between Leah Day and myself, using the fabulous Tunic Bible.

Did you like this video post? I do need to figure out where to look when recording a video with me on screen. It was fun to do, but I know garment sewing isn't something you're used to seeing from me. Everyone needs to try something new now and then.

Upcoming Tunic Challenge post schedule:

Week 2 - Cut and sew a test muslin and adjust the fit as needed.

Week 3 - Select fabrics and any special features or trims and cut out the pieces

Week 4 - Sew the tunic and show it off!

Check out what Leah's doing with her tunic and don't forget, we're both posting bits of this project via Instagram.

Never fear, I've got quilting content coming up soon!


  1. That is a challenge! I hope you enjoy the process and the final outcome of a new 'you' tunic!

  2. thanks for giving us a look inside the book. it looks a great one. happy sewing Amy

  3. Awesome store tour! I love seeing all those beautiful Janome machines. I ended up using the same thing as you to cut out the patterns - cut away stabilizer. My new go to thing for sewing patterns!

  4. I hope you enjoy your foray into garment sewing, I started my sewing journey with clothing and then went to quilting but have never made my own patterns. I can't wait to see your finished tunics!