September Sale

I totally dropped the ball as an instructor for Craftsy this weekend. They had another sale and all classes were under $20.00. I believe this sale is a surprise one as Craftsy isn't currently planning one in October as they are rolling out a new design for the website.

Because they like to keep us on our toes with surprises, they're continuing the sale through today!

Your classes will still be available as they launch the new site, but you'll see a few changes. The Projects area will have the comments section replaced with a Q and A section.  If you are a regular Craftsy student, you should have gotten an email about some of the changes you might notice. It's my understanding that most of the changes will be minor, other than the look of things. If you click on one of my links in an older post, the link might not work or will be redirected. Let me know if you run into a broken link from my sites to Craftsy.

Of course I think you should buy my classes on ruler work during this sale, but I'm pretty certain most of my followers have bought my first class "Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine" which has over 12,000 students!

 Now is a great time to purchase the follow-up class, "Creative Quilting with Rulers, More Techniques and Motifs" if you haven't done so. This is probably my favorite  of the two, as it's more design focused instead of ruler and foot focused. I show you ways that you can use basic rulers for a wide variety of designs. No expensive specialty rulers involved.

Two classes by other instructors that fit well with ruler work are Kim Brunner's Machine Quilting with Templates and Angela Walters' Dot to Dot Quilting.

Did you know you can watch the lectures from Quiltcon 2013 for FREE on Craftsy? Yup.

That's all I've got for now. I do have a nifty video to share with you soon! I'm up at the shop today, but we're closed on Mondays, so that means time to do some administrative work (sigh...) followed by some sewing and quilting (yay!).

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