Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was a pretty big milestone for me. It was the one year anniversary of the release of my first Craftsy class; Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine.

Amy Johnson Craftsy instructor
Image courtesy of Craftsy.com

My world has changed so much in this past year, that I can hardly believe it's only been a year. The week before the class came out, I was in San Antonio, Texas at Janome Institute. I was there as Mr. Heckman's representative, who had been the owner of Sew Simple until I bought it just this past June. I set myself a goal to be an actual Janome dealer before returning to the next Institute to be held in August of 2017. Goal achieved.

Shortly after the class came out, I opened my online shop to serve as a one-stop shop for all the different rulers I liked to use plus other tools I found helpful for my quilting. My goal was to provide the kind of expert knowledge of ruler work and customer service that would be nearly impossible for others to provide. Goal achieved.

Another goal was to create a follow-up class with Craftsy. Creative Quilting with Rulers; More Techniques and Motifs was released in April this year. Goal achieved.

So three big goals accomplished, but there's so much on my to-do list that it's hard to remember that I am doing pretty cool work. So I'm celebrating by writing these items down and sharing them with you.

You all have been very instrumental to my success. I just checked my first class and it has a staggering 12,209 students enrolled! That's an average of 33.4 people each day and that is absolutely amazing.

If you've enjoyed my class(es) and have other quilting friends who you think would enjoy them, don't forget to share this instructor affiliate link that will allow them to see the trailers for the classes but to also get them at half price anytime: Amy's classes.

One of the things I get asked in my class is questions about using feather templates to make feathers. I worked on a video for this yesterday and hope to have it edited and posted soon.

I know I haven't been posting as regularly and I do want to get back to it because not only do I love sharing here, but also not blogging is a good indicator that I haven't been doing much quilting.

So back to achieving goals: What goals have you achieved that you tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Feel free to share them here if you'd like.


  1. I got your class and have been using the straight ruler to do simple straight lines and echo quilting around a swag border QAYG. I love it!

  2. Amy, congratulations in your wonderful endeavors. I hope the next will be a BOOK. Because that I will buy immediately. Thank you, Thank you. Next I want to thank you for the ruler foot that I bought from you for my Juki. It works perfectly. Now the person using it needs more practices. You keep up the good work. Love, Callista

  3. Happy Anniversary, Amy! I've got both your classes in my Que, now, I need to find time to take them. You do inspire me. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary. You have inspired me to do more than stipple my quilts.

  5. Amy, First off I'd like to say you are and excellent free motion quilter and I have enjoyed watching your youtubes. Having said that I must say I was very dissapointed in this youtube and your comments on the Westalee feather templates. I found it very unprofessional because as you said you did NOT read the instructions or watch the videos on how to use them. Had you done it you would have found you were not using it correctly. I have the templates in all four sizes and new to ruler work I have used them with very good results. I would hope in the future you would read/watch and practice using something, aything before making these sorts of comments. In my opinion it reflects poorly on you as a professional. Again in my opinion these templates are great products that allow people who are not longarmers or don't have a lot of experience doing free motion quilting (which takes a lot of practice) on a domestic machine to achieve beautiful results with out paying someone to do the quilting for them. I hope you will take my comments to heart and know that I'm offering them in a constructive manner. I wish you the best in all you do. Blessings Jan

    1. Thanks for leaving your opinion and feed back on how you've used these templates. As I stated in the video, I tried it without reading the directions and then went and watched the videos as I had butchered the first try. As far as unprofessional, it's not my job to promote the products for the makers, but I try my best to give an honest opinion on how I found the products to work for me. People asked for my opinion and I gave it. I reported how it worked for me, and made it clear that others may have different results. Since you are so concerned with sharing your enjoyment of these templates, I'm surprised you didn't leave them on the very post about them where others could benefit.

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