My First Quilt

It's been a wonderful, but hectic week and now I'm headed out again to go rescue my dad from my three kids. He and his longterm girlfriend have had them for a week and a half. She's loving having them, but Dad hasn't had kids in their tiny cabin for this long a period before, plus I miss them!

I've had a ton of comments I want to respond to, but haven't wanted to do it on my phone, nor have I had enough time to do it on my laptop. So give me a couple of days and I should get back to you if you've asked a question or shared something pretty interesting. Due to the number of emails and comments I've been getting lately, I don't always respond to the simple compliments and thanks that I ought to at least say thanks to. I'm gonna work on that though. You can be certain I read all the comments and am very thankful for each single one of them.

Until I get back home and can write more, I leave you with this:

My first quilt! That's me and my mom back in 1989 or 90 and I'm hand quilting that 9-patch. That thing was a train-wreck of a quilt. There were supposed to be star blocks in between the 9 patch blocks. How was I to know as a self taught quilter that traditional Lemoyne stars had Y seams and were hard to do?

Ok, gotta go......


  1. Hehe :) That's a fun pic. I think most of us have memories of a not-wise choice for our first project or 2!

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