Quilting with Isacord Thread

There's the baby Isacord and Big Mama Isacord!

I like using Isacord thread for a lot of my free motion quilting:

  1. It's pretty cheap inexpensive. And I can get it somewhat locally.
  2. It's shiny and I love for my stitching to shine.
  3. As a polyester thread, it has no lint.
  4. It gives me very little trouble. What trouble I do have is really my machine's fault and happens when I do a bunch of 'backwards' stitching. (Pulling the quilt towards me)
  5. There are a ton of colors and I can get it on large or jumbo big mama spools.
I usually get my Isacord thread at a shop in the bigger city nearby, about 40 minutes away, that sells Berninas and embroidery stuff. They have a huge selection of colors in the 1000M cones and they cost $5.80.

But there's a beautiful new quilt shop about 50 minutes away that has a lot of yummy fabric, nice people and while their thread selection is pretty limited, the owner also does custom machine embroidery. She uses the huge 5000M cones and if she has a color that I want that is still in the wrapper, she will sell it to me at a great price of  $13.00! Yippee! I won't need this color green for a loooong time!

1 comment:

  1. What bobbin tension do you use with Isacord in your Janome 8200 - the regular or blue dot bobbin case?