Quilting Tools 2

This post probably should have come first in my series of Quilting Tools since these are the very basic, most necessary tools for me and many other quilters.

First of course is the machine, a Janome 6600P which is a fabulous machine. It has a 9" throat which is an incredible improvement from a standard sized sewing machine. It could have come with a more comprehensive manual since I am certain it doesn't cover all that this machine is capable of. Don't forget the darning or free motion foot. Janome makes a fabulous free motion foot in high and low shank versions with changeable 'toes' and an adjustable height/presser foot, and it works without the noisy clackety clack of a bar over the needle screw. Love!

Then there are the Machingers Gloves . I always use these. I have tried other methods to give me 'grip' but always come back to these.

Next is the Queen Size Supreme Slider for the bed of my machine. It really helps me move the quilt sandwich more easily. Also note that my machine is recessed into my counter top surface. This helps with handling the quilt and also helps with the ergonomics of sitting at my machine.

Also pictured is a little doodled flamingo for a sick friend who loves flamingos. I'll finish it off as a small wall hanging with a simple zigzag edge finish after I do some quilting on the background.

Now it's time to serve up breakfast, sew I gotta go.....

Edited 5/20/12 to add link for supreme slider. The slider and machingers are available also from Leah Day.


  1. What is a Supreme Slider? I'm not familiar with that tool.

  2. The Supreme Slider is a teflon coated vinyl with a self cling backing. The teflon surface makes it easier to slide the quilt sandwich and the backing keeps it in place for the most part. Sometimes you need a little tape.

    I'll edit my post and include a link.

  3. I had a slider and didn't tape it down. It worked great until it slid under my needle under my quilt while quilting. The slider and my needle broke. Taping is an excellent suggestion and maybe I'll get another slider some day.