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Blogger told me my browser was no longer supported so I finally made the switch to Mozilla. Hopefully I haven't lost any information or vital links. I love doing quilty "research" on the web!

I picked up a new-to-me tool at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival; two stencils and a pounce pad to mark the stencils on the fabric. I don't usually use stencils for my quilting, mostly because I'm cheap frugal. But for these line stencils from  The Stencil Co. at quiltingstencils.com I'll gladly fork over the money. At $8.00 per stencil it wasn't too bad for what these lovely things will do. Below are the two large stencils:
These stencils are for marking lines for straight line quilting, piano keys or beadboard, crosshatching, and grids for grid-based designs. In the photo below, you can see I'm using what I call the positioning grid. There may be a more correct name for it, but that's what I'm calling it.
 I'm using the Quick Swipe pounce pad to mark the lines and it is removed with steam heat. Works like a charm once you get enough powder loaded into the new (clean) pad. Below you can see a faint white line just in front of my machine's foot where I used the lines to position my quilting design.

This small wall quilt is based on the Amish Diamond In The Square. The center quilting design is a butterfly surrounded by pebbles, swirls, feathers, and my attempt at "Nemeshing". "Nemeshing" is a quilting design developed by Bethanne Nemesh at White Arbor Quilting.

Forgive the cruddy photos as usual. I think I've got the hubby on board the idea that my point and shoot isn't up to the task of photographing the detail in my quilting.

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