My attempts at Diane-shiko are a bit skewed, but I think it's ok for a start. At first I got sidetracked by the idea of making my own stencil for quick marking of the lines, but then I just went with a ruler and my trusty white pen from clover, which shows up great on dark fabrics and irons away. The lines are 1/2 inch apart. Of course, this thread contrasts well with the fabric, if I had done this in a matching thread, you'd have to look pretty hard to see my bobbles. Here it is after I've removed the markings, which did flatten the texture a bit also.

This is my practice piece I'm working on. Lots of different FMQ designs, a trapuntoed (trapunto'ed?) butterfly which I promptly flattened with stiching. Guess I'll have to try free motion embroidery, then do the trapunto next time.

Did you see that marked area in the above picture? After doing the Diane-shiko, I visited my bloggy friend, Leslie, and was inspired by part of her blog's header design, a geometric based on 60 degree triangles.

Fun! Now I'm trying a little of Superior's Glitter thread. I'll show that soon.

Practice, practice, practice!

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  1. Looks awesome, practice or not. Can't wait to see what you can do when you're done with practice.