Free Motion Couching with a Janome Part 2

So Leslie was wonderful enough to get back to me about a free motion couching foot for my Janome. It seems her Janome using friend has a "Miracle Stitcher" which is out of production but can be found on Ebay sometimes.

So, being an impatient person (God's working on me), I went ahead and hacked my foot! Not to be confused with breaking my foot, which my husband did at my request when all I had was a generic closed toe foot. (OK, I admit it, it's fun to say it like it's an injury!) Check out Leah Day's blog for instructions to break your own foot.

[Edited to add in 2013- Janome now makes a free motion couching foot. Read my review and watch my videos on it.]

Ooh, look! There's yarn on my machine and it made that feather shape too! It worked! The first try, the hole was too small, but version 2 is pretty snazzy. There are a few misses, but are easily fixed and I think the motion of whipping out a feather is a pretty hard test. I have raided the old yarn stash and, uh oh, have been thinking of other yarns I'd like to try this with!

I have the new free motion quilting set from Janome, which contains 3 different toes for FMQ. A open toe, closed toe, and an echo foot (looks like a bullseye). See my first free motion couching post. The open toe is my good friend and we work together so well. The echo bullseye foot I never use, so I hacked it.

A piece of clear plastic from a Pringles can lid, a yarn needle, and some super glue and you can hack your foot too! I glopped up the glue so it's not as clear as it should be, but you can see through it. I'll do a tutorial tomorrow.

Leslie also gave me some info on some good regular couching feet that will fit my machine.

Now the question is: Why can I be fearless and confident enough to hack my foot, but have a total lack of confidence in most areas of my life, including quilting?

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