About Amy

Hi! I'm Amy Johnson and I am passionate about free motion quilting!

My mother taught me to use an old Singer, but she was not a sewing enthusiast. Once she taught me the basics, I was forging ahead on my own.

Sewing and creating with needle and thread continued to be a presence occasionally as a young adult, but it wasn’t until I had children that quilting became my go-to hobby. All of a sudden, the only thing in my life that stayed done was stitching. Laundry, dishes, housework, they never stayed done, but my stitching gave me a sense of accomplishment and a creative outlet.

Needing to finish projects faster to satisfy that need to have something done, I experimented with machine quilting. When I figured out free motion quilting was like drawing with needle and thread, I was hooked. This was around 2009 so I was able to learn from the internet since I couldn’t get away for classes in person. When I found videos of long arm quilters, I was fascinated. But a long arm was not in my future; small house, small kids, small budget.

I continued quilting on my sewing machine. All the books and teachers online recommended drawing designs to improve quilting, but I skipped that part, wanting to get right down to stitching.

Then my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer and things got very scary. One year later he was declared cancer-free and I had passed hours upon hours in doctor’s offices and hospitals drawing my quilting designs. Drawing improved my quilting immensely and I credit the occasional escape of quilting to helping to keep myself together during that time.

I created two large wall quilts to memorialize that time, one of which went to my church as a thank you and another more personal quilt was shown in the Sacred Threads exhibit of 2013. I had also begun to share my love of free motion quilting by blogging. The influence of those long arm quilters was seen in my quilting style and so it was with great joy that I began experimenting with a foot that would allow me to use rulers with my free motion quilting.

I love to encourage creativity of all kinds and teach free motion quilting via this blog, my YouTube channel, and in person. I am especially known for teaching ruler work on domestic sewing machines, for smooth lines and curves. I’ve also demo’d the technique extensively for a ruler manufacturer. Now I am thrilled to bring a detailed class on quilting with rulers to a larger audience through Craftsy.

Because I’m a bit of a free spirit when it comes to quilting, I love how rulers allow me to have more structure to my designs without having to do a lot of marking or measuring. It’s a great technique for making sure lines are straight and curves are smooth. This technique works for any level of quilter once you’ve learned the basics of moving the quilt with free motion quilting. Ruler work can be kept simple to allow your piecing to shine or it can serve as a foundation for more intricate quilting.

I am happy to supplement the income of my family, three little kids and one fabulous, cancer beating husband with a few good ads on the blog and by working with a select group of sponsors. Amy's Free Motion quilting ranks very well on Google for searches related to free motion quilting and especially anything to do with quilting with rulers on sit-down long arms and sewing machines. The readership is steadily growing. Pageviews exceeded 84,694 for January 2015.

Inquires can be sent to amy@amysquiltingadventures.com