Quilting Gone to the Bugs

 I've mixed my metaphors for sure, but we've got bugs, not birds here. I've taken a break from quilting and blogging to make a lady bug for my little lady below. She's got lady bugs printed on her sheets so I thought we'd make some bigger ones to decorate the walls around her bed. This first one took a while, but now I'm ready to do a swarm of them in different wing colors with varying decorative elements. It is two brown circles with a pair of half circle wings, all satin stitched to stiff Peltex fusible interfacing.

Ladybug wall decoration

Speaking of swarms, we're overrun with periodic cicadas here in Virginia. They're everywhere! By the millions! Since we're homeschoolers, we take advantage of these things as areas of study. On the ground, you can count at least two of these in a one foot square area. On the trees there are even more. The air is filled with a throbbing hummy buzz that sounds similar to the sound used in very old sci-fi movies when a UFO was flying around.

cicada @freemotionquiltingadventures

Yesterday I gave up mowing the yard because it was a murderously gross activity. (These guys are about 2.5 to 3 inches long!)

I'm still quilting on my Sherwood Forest tree, working on a few other things and meeting up with some local quilters. Last night I went to the second meeting of some art quilters in the area and tonight is my local WIP group. We work on our own projects, chat and have a wonderful time.

I love meeting up with quilting friends! Are you active in any quilting groups? Are there any in your area? Did you start your own as I did in the case of tonight's group? Share in the comments.  Should you be in the DC area, I will be at the Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibit on July 13th and I would love to meet up.


  1. The Ladybug is AWESOME. What a lucky lady! I'm in NC and have not seen any cicadas, which is good. I'm less than thrilled with the idea of them. :)

  2. That Lady bug is wonderful.....hope we get to see the "swarm". :-)