My "Gone Quilting" Badge: Scissors on my Shirt!

One of my favorite tools for quilting and sewing is a pair of small curved bladed scissors along with a 'zinger' or retractable holder. I use the scissors for cutting threads and the zinger keeps me from losing them. Or at least if I am actually wearing it. With different classes, stitch nights and such, I can't find them but I recently found a replacement at a bargain!

thread scissors and holder

I found these scissors and 'retractable badge holder' at Walmart! The zinger was in the jewelry section and the scissors were in the sewing department. The zinger was a mere $2.88!

curved tipped scissors

 The scissors say nothing on the package about having curved tips, but they caught my eye anyway. I made a fair spectacle of myself trying to look inside the packaging to see if they were in fact curved, damaged, or judge if the view was distorted by the packaging. They aren't curved as much as I would like, but for $3.97 (I think), they will do nicely! Much more budget friendly than the $20 or so I paid for my lost pair. The curved tips help cut the threads close to the top, but with less risk of cutting the fabric.

'gone quilting' badge

And the zinger is pretty! I actually had to look amongst many styles to find one that didn't have, in my opinion, too much bling. There it is keeping the other butterflies company! (I didn't even realize I had a butterfly thing going on until I loaded this photo.)

One of the best things about this combination though is that the kids have learned to see the combo on my shirt as a badge that says "Mom's working". Or at least that's the theory. It works better with the older two than with this cutie below!

What's he hiding under that container? It's not his beautiful golden curls....sob. He got a short summer cut and I'm still missing those curls a bit. He is still too stinkin' cute though!

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