More of my Robin Hood Tree Wall hanging

 I hope all you moms had a good Mothers' Day. It seems it's always a mixed bag for me since I apparently have higher expectations than my family. It didn't help that my hubby shaved all the curls off my little guy the night before. I thought he was just doing a trim! My baby disappeared with just a few strokes of the cutters.

I admit to having a bad attitude over it that lasted the first half of Mothers' Day, but then I took a nap and life was much better. I did some gardening on what seemed to be one of the prettiest days we've had in a while, plus a bit of stitching.

I am making good progress on my tree wall hanging. I added an extra layer of trapunto batting to the trunk of the tree and cut away a small portion of the interior of the tree canopy. If you look close enough, there's an owl sitting on one of the branches.

Free motion quilting with trapunto

If the trimming of all that batting around the leaves looks tedious, it wasn't that bad. Around several portions, I was able to just gently rip the batting away. It leaves a soft edge around the tree.

I was stumped for a while about what background design would look just right on this piece and then it hit me! This is Sherwood Forest after all, so I started making more trees in the background. I am not too happy with the pine tree on the right, but I love the tree just to the left of it. The background trees need to be fairly dense or I will lose the dimensional effect of the trapunto.

I hope to have this finished up by Friday! Many thanks to all who have been checking out my free motion quilting adventures lately. I hope you have been able to quilt or do something creative this weekend.


  1. This is really fantastic! Coming together very very well. Sorry to hear your mother's day got off to a slow start, but glad it worked itself out. Cant wait to see where it goes next!

  2. Those background trees are perfect Amy!! It's going to be very very nice.

    And'll grow again. Hair is one of those things I just let go of for my kids...

  3. This looks like it is going to be really cool - have you finished it yet?

    1. Yes I have and gifted to the newly-weds long ago. I'm not sure if I showed a picture of the quilt here somewhere, but I did show it after the quilting was finished here: It was a lot of fun!